May 2014



Electacourse have been administrating this Electrical Forum for some years, but it has never been at the core of our activity. We have now made the decision to close this forum.

Running a forum and making sure that genuine members are not exposed to spam, SEO scams and way off-topic discussions is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort.

At Electacourse our main activity is publishing and education. We aim to continually improve the quality and range of our good value courses and exam preparation material for UK electricians studying either at home or at FE colleges. Spending time fighting spammers, keeping the technology up to date and getting advertisers to support the basic costs of the forum, are not what we do best at Electacourse. It has been an easy decision to close The Electrical Forum. We have now taken the forum offline.

Electacourse are encouraging our genuine members to join the excellent electrical community forum at Electricians Board. Electacourse will see you there.

We have sent an email with this announcement to all our genuine members. We will keep you up to date with Electacourse activities. If you no longer wish to hear from us simply unsubscribe from any email we send you.

If we haven’t sent you an email and you would like to keep up to date with Electacourse, please subscribe to our email service below.

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